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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Distilling a vision into something coherent is tough!

I've been working on my spreadsheets demos of the bitgrid concept. My latest efforts are online. Today's effort BitGrid-Learning01.xls is as small as I can make it (35k). I've also exported an HTML version, so you can get a sense of it, at least.

You see, each cell has 4 neighbors, above, left, below, right, each contributing one bit. This results in 16 possible values. I convert this to a 16 bit mask, which is a simple shift operation in assembler, and 2^x in a spreadsheet. I can then AND this with the 4 programs (one for each output), and simply output a 1 if the result is nonzero, otherwise 0.

In effect, the 4 bits are address, and the program for a cell is the input to a 16:1 data selector going to the appropriate output.

I'm hoping that the simplest possible example, made visible, can help transfer the concept to the reader. Its a lot more work than I thought, but very rewarding.

Thanks for your time.


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