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Monday, June 28, 2010

Introducing Sim02

Now that Sim01 is capable of demonstrating how a single cell works in terms of bits, it's time to start building a grid simulator. This is my first effort at it. Using Sim01 to figure out the hex codes (a new feature I added to support this)... I was able to determine the proper codes to do a pass through... and make that the default for this 2 cell array.  

Here you see an input from the West side of the array propagated all the way through to the east side. Simultaneously an input from the North of Cell 01 (right cell) is propagated to the bottom.

It's all prototype code, but it is functional. I intend to scale this up to a simulator capable of simulating an arbitrary size grid. Then I'll add some input and output functionality to allow the processing of real data with a simulated bitgrid.

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