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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spreadsheet iteration and other linguistic hits

I continue to search for ideas that are close to the BitGrid, and I've come across Amir Hersch's mention of the need for a "spreadsheet iterator" in his blog post titled "More versus Faster"... the BitGrid would be a good spreadsheet iterator.

I'm still trying to figure out the cost/benefit ratio of getting rid of all routing in an a real world FPGA device. As an abstraction tool, it's totally cool and cost effective, as there are no static or dynamic power costs in a thought experiment. 8)

As an intermediate stage of compiling a design, there are time costs in translations, but they might be worth it when it comes to the ability to move elements of a system design orthogonal to other design decisions.

Time and persistent effort to get the questions answered will tell. I'm glad I'm still asking questions and pursuing the goal of getting a BitGrid chip built

Oh... another linguistic hit  "hardware spreadsheet" as mentioned here.

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